All about HOUSE PLAY (a play in a house)

As of right now RLT produces 1-2 mainstage shows per year. These projects take an immense amount of planning, rehearsal, resources, and focus. They are the cornerstone of our company. But around the New Year, we started getting anxious to see the faces of our friends, audience, and community more often. We brainstormed ways to bring people together on a smaller scale and after a lot of back and forth of "Have a party!" "Do a tiny play!" "Have a party!" "Do a tiny play!" we decided to combine them and create a recurring RLT event called a House Play (a play in a house).


Happening four times a year, a House Play is a house party featuring a rehearsed reading of a new play. We are lucky enough to have some wonderful playwrights in our company - our first two House Plays featured "The Great Adventures of Samson" and "From the Sea to Somewhere Else" by RLT Member Monica Shea Giordano. Our upcoming spring House Play (Saturday, April 11th) will feature RLT Member Trenda Loftin's "When the System Swallows You," a piece about how incarceration affects whole families.


To prepare for this House Play, we will cast and rehearse the script tomorrow for a few hours, and spend next week wrangling chairs, programs, food from various local sources (Hungry Ghost bread...yup), tasty beverages, and review our performance. We will gather next Saturday at a private home in Northampton, set up, make the food, put out the drinks, and wait for your beautiful selves to come join us.

Also, the best part - House Plays are free. Just come and hang out with us. We will feed you and refresh you and if you're hot we'll bring you a fan and if you're cold we'll give you a group hug. We hope that you'll join the dozens of people in the area who have made attendance at our House Plays a seasonal tradition.

Saturday April 11th
5:30 - 8:30
At a private home in Northampton center
Featuring "When the System Swallows You" by Trenda Loftin
RSVP to with your name and how many people you are! Space is limited. We will email you back with a confirmation and address.
Donations are gratefully accepted.

See you there! Check back here and on our Facebook for updates on all RLT events and hangs.


-Kate Hare